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It’s not usual to have a cloudy day in July in Bakersfield, but we got up this morning to see clouds over the mountains.


A close-up of the Sierras.  They looked very clear; the murky air has cleared out nicely after the Fourth.


We’ve had clouds drifting in and out all day, and so far it’s been (comparatively) cool.  The prediction had been for a hot and muggy day, but so far — it’s 1:20 right now — we’ve been lucky.

Still, those clouds look ominous, and we’re wondering what’s happening in the mountains.


A thunderstorm followed by rain would be a blessing, but dry lightning could spark a lot of wildfires.  There’s already one, called the Ranch fire, burning up there.  That’s plenty, thank you.

We’ll enjoy the pleasant day, though, and just hope for Mother Nature to take it easy with those thunderstorms.


Posted July 6, 2014 by stablewoman in Weather

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