Yep, It’s Hot   5 comments

The heat wave continues.  Last night one weather forecaster said that it was possible that it would extend through all of July!  I hope he’s wrong about that.  This is not horseback riding weather, though I’m making it out in the afternoon to give our critters carrots, and check on them.  They appreciate the carrots, anyway.

I’m staying in for the most part, like the dogs.  Yesterday I counted four dogs asleep in the hall and one in our bedroom — and we only own two.  Andrew’s dogs, though, know where to come when he and Ciera are at work.

While I’m holed up in the house, I’ve been going through some of my old knitting and crochet projects, with a view to getting them recorded.  It’s nice to know what you’ve done, in what yarn, and how it turned out.  Today I took pictures of a crocheted shawl in autumn colors.


It’s a German pattern, called Schultertuch — which I suspect means “shoulder shawl”.  Even unblocked, it’s pretty, and much easier than it looks.

I chose to finish it with a beaded edge.



It was fun to do, in a gorgeous variegated yarn, and it’s going to be hard to part with it when the time comes.


Hmm.  Maybe I’ll just keep it — and make another to give away!


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5 responses to “Yep, It’s Hot

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  1. That is absolutely beautiful!

  2. That is gorgeous and how did you get those little itty bitty beads on there? You should frame it and hang it up for all to see. It must be hot in Bakersfield because it is super foggy in Arroyo Grande. Happy 4th of July-Elizabeth
    Don’t forget to look up the Maricopa Quilting Co. online. I think you should start a yarn barn there…!

    • The beads weren’t easy; you have to put them on with an itty bitty crochet hook.

      Enjoy the fog and think cool thoughts about us!

  3. That is just so beautiful. My mom used to make things like that and this reminds me so much of her. You do gorgeous work!

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