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I’m blogging early today, because of the heat.  The computer room gets afternoon sun, so I’ll be shutting down early.

We’re having our second heat wave of the summer.  The first, in June, lasted a mere three days.  This one is forecast to stay with us at least ten days; in other words, no end in sight.

It’s supposed to get to 108 today and tomorrow.  Luckily, it’s the kind of heat that our swamp cooler/big fan combination copes with very well.  We should stay comfortable.  The horses all have at least partial shade.  Horses are one of the few domestic animals to have full-body sweat; unlike dogs, for example, who cool mainly through panting.  That’s one reason horses make such good riding animals.

Humans, too, have can sweat all over their bodies, though we prefer not to need it.  I’ll spend most of my day thinking cool thoughts.  Here’s a nice icy picture from last December to help me . . .


It’ll be a looong time before I get another picture like that.


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