An Eventful Couple of Days   2 comments

It has been an eventful couple of days, all right.  Day before yesterday we got a call saying that granddaughter Christina had taken a bad fall and broken her leg.  She had been taken to the hospital by ambulance after her horse fell on her.

It turned out that the leg wasn’t broken; just a very bad sprain, cuts, bruises and abrasions.  At least, the doctors didn’t think it was broken.  There was apparently too much swelling to be absolutely sure.  Anyway, she’s home and getting around on crutches, but not at all comfortable, of course.  That  wasn’t the way we wanted her visit from Texas to go, for sure.

Then this morning about six, we got a call from Ciera, Andrew’s partner.  She had gotten up to find a strange woman in their mobile home, going through their things.  The two women scared each other, and the intruder ran, leaving her backpack on the patio.  It was stuffed with household items.  Ciera called 911, then us.

Billy jumped onto his white charger climbed into his pickup, and rushed to the rescue. First, though, he called out the cavalry.  Scott and David arrived before the police, and all three started after the culprit.  She had dropped most of her loot, but still had Ciera’s wallet.

I sat on the steps with Ciera while she called Andrew (who was at work) and set about cancelling her credit card.  The backpack was sitting there.  The woman had stolen Oreos, Cheezits, and a big bottle of dish detergent, among other things.  It would have been pathetic, except for that wallet.

I learned later that Billy actually caught up with the burglar as she walked down the levee.  He yelled at her to just throw down the wallet, and she yelled back that she didn’t have it any more.  Then she vanished into the neighborhood, where Billy couldn’t follow.  He can’t walk more than a few feet any more.

It didn’t do her much good, though.  A neighbor had seen where she had gone, and the police cornered her very quickly.  She was hard to miss; tangled red hair and a black mesh top.  The police took her back for Ciera to identify, and she admitted that yep, she had done it.  But the wallet was still missing, and she probably didn’t know where she had thrown it anyway.  She was pretty much out of it.  The credit card — just one — was cancelled already, though, but it’s a pain to lose your driver’s license and ID.

The police response was excellent, and all and all it could have been much worse.  It might have been possible to feel sorry for the woman.  She was obviously homeless, with tangled, dirty hair, and a big red mark one her cheek as though someone had hit her.  The neighbor, though, said that she and her boyfriend had been robbing the neighborhood blind for some time.  They were likely the ones who stole some saddles from us a few months ago, then abandoned them when they proved too heavy to carry.  (They were recovered when some other homeless came to the house and told us where they were.)

Ciera’s calmness and cool head were remarkable throughout the whole thing.  Her baby shower is tomorrow, for a little one due in September.  It can’t be easy to wake up to a stranger in your home, especially when you’re pregnant.  She is certainly brave.

Oh — she had Spur in the bedroom with her, and Gena and Spanky were in the yard.  None of the dogs said a thing.  I guess Border Collies aren’t much as watchdogs.

Here’s a shot of some lenticular clouds over the mountains last night, to close with.


I just wish I could have seen my 81-year-old husband chasing down the burglar in his trusty pickup.


Posted June 27, 2014 by stablewoman in Events

2 responses to “An Eventful Couple of Days

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  1. Thank God no one was hurt. I would have loved to see Bill too! He’s a trooper that’s for sure!

  2. Glad it ended safely.

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