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With a couple of great-grandchildren coming along, I’ve been knitting and crocheting away.  I was struck by an especially lovely blanket, a free pattern on Ravelry, called the Faeries Baby Sampler.  (Ravelry is a site for knitters and crocheters, with thousands of free or paid-for patterns.)  Since at least one of the babies was going to be a boy, I decided to do it in earth, water, and sky colors.


The more I crocheted, the more I thought of a garden; so in my mind, I’ve been calling it the Faeries’ Garden project.

It’s not a beginner’s pattern.  Nearly every row is a different stitch, and it takes careful counting to keep all of the rows the correct repeat.


Since it was a garden, I thought a resident would be nice; so I whipped up a Tiny Striped Turtle — also a free Ravelry pattern — to go along with the blanket.  Here he is, admiring the “sun” reflected in the central “pond”.


I’m on row 42, out of 53, and my wrist is beginning to give out.  It’s about big enough, though.  Just another row . . . or two . . . or three . . .

Oh, my.


Posted June 25, 2014 by stablewoman in Needlework

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  1. Roberta, this is Jay Dorrell could you send me your email address? I would like to share the photos or short video’s that involve your dogs, horses or even you, if we get you in a shot. I would appreciate it.
    Have a good evening and tell Bill Toni and I say hi.

    Ethan Jay Dorrell

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