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Our stretch of the river is dry, now.

Both upriver . . .


. . . and down.


Even the sunflowers at the river’s edge, tough though they are, are looking droopy.


The only bright spot is the opportunity to see tracks in the drying mud.  They look like hieroglyphics, I think.


Most of them are birds and raccoons, though I spotted possum and what I think might have been skunk.


We must have herds of raccoons . . . or one who goes back and forth a lot.

It’s sad to see the river drying up.  The egrets and herons have been busy, feasting on the fish and frogs stranded in the mud.  It’s happened before, though, and will again.  There’s still water farther upriver, so when we do get rain again, there will be another population boom.

We’re sure hoping El Nino comes through.


Posted June 23, 2014 by stablewoman in Kern River

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