Fire by Day, Fire by Night   2 comments

We were sitting in the living room, talking to boarder Lori, when Billy suddenly said, “There’s a fire!”

He was absolutely right.  The first plumes of smoke were rising to the west, downriver.


It was traveling fast, to the south, and burning violently.  (By the way, boarder Brandy continued to coolly work her horse Strawberry the whole time.)

The position of the dead trees, victims of last year’s fire, shows how fast it was moving.


The main body of the fire moved on, but white smoke seen through the trees showed that the earlier position was still smouldering.


The firefighters had it about knocked down when a second flare rose.


Eventually they got the secondary blaze knocked down, too, and things quieted down.  We heard on the evening news that they had to evacuate some homeless camps in the path of the flames.

We though everything was over, but Billy woke me up about two o’clock this morning, calling “There’s another one!”

And there was.


I’m not set up for night photography, nor is the iPhone, but I snapped away anyhow.


The string of lights in the foreground are solar lights one of the boarders installed on the westernmost group of stalls.  The fire wasn’t actually close to the horses, but after last year, anything seems too close.

The firefighters were right on it, though, and soon there was nothing to be seen except a faint glow and the lights of the fire engines.


Billy was, of course, out in his pickup watching, and he said the fire appeared to be at the western tip of our property, where the levee runs nearly down to the river.

So . . . thanks once more to the firefighters.  I just hope that is the last for now.  There’s still a lot left to burn downriver, though the big fire last year cleaned out all of the dead brush closer to us.

And the river is dry.  Not good timing . . .



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  1. Oh my goodness. Sending wet thoughts.

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