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The whole crew, that is.  Me, Billy, Peaches, Xena, the ponies and horses — everybody has been enduring the last couple of days.  We are all really glad it’s under 100 today.

Peaches has spent most of the time gazing soulfully through the window — like the Lady of Shalott or some other princess in a tower.


It’s been an eventful couple of days.  First we got a letter from San Francisco, informing us that our pickup had failed to pay a toll.  They included a photo and the license number, and informed us that we owed them $5 for the toll, plus a $25 fine.

Well, no one we knew had been in San Francisco.  The license number fit a non-opped white Ford that we own, which has been sitting for a couple of years and couldn’t move under any circumstances.  The photo showed a black pickup.

So I went down and took pictures, showing the obviously non-operational pickup, with both its license plates intact.  Billy sent the pictures, a copy of the non-op papers, and a polite note informing them that a) it was not our pickup, and b) he would appreciate a remittance of $30 for his time and trouble.

We’ll see what comes of that.

Then we got a phone call from our grandson.  Billy answered, and he had been in a wreck.  The driver ahead of him had been on his cell phone, and when he tried to pass him, he swerved into his path.  He was at the hospital with stitches in his chin and a neck brace, and . . . could he talk to Grandma?  So I got on the phone, and he was telling me all about it when we were cut off.

We hadn’t gotten what hospital he was at.  He sounded a bit strange, but anyone would with stitches, a neck brace, and no doubt painkillers.  No one called back, so Billy got on the phone and started calling relatives.

Some time later, after having alarmed relatives all over town, we got a call from Andrew.  He was getting calls from everybody, but he was at work and certainly hadn’t been in any wrecks.  What was going on?

The whole thing was beginning to smell fishy, but just to be sure Billy checked on all of the grandsons, including the one in Long Beach.  No one had been in a wreck.

We realized that the caller had never actually identified himself.  It bore every sign of a scam.  No doubt he was waiting for someone to say, “Andrew! Are you all right?” and when no one gave him any clues, he just pretended to be cut off.  We’ve read about this scam, but never expected it to happen to us.  How could he know we had a grandson?  Probably from getting our name off one of those senior lists that keep getting us calls about walk-in tubs.

The moral?  Everyone needs to be cautious of unusual calls.

Of course, I suppose we could have an unknown grandson out there . . . but it doesn’t seem likely.


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