Bad Dog, Spanky!   2 comments

Andrew’s dog Spanky has been missing for several days, and we had almost decided we would never see him again.  The ranch dogs aren’t confined, but they know their territory and seldom go anywhere unless they go out with riders.  Spanky, though, has always liked to visit.  He shows up at all of the barbecues, the houses out on Panorama Vista, and the ropings and other events across the river.

Spanky is an excellent herding dog, good on cattle and sheep.  He likes to climb, anything from trees to chain link fences, and is expert at shedding his collar.  He is also a really talented moocher, and does his Starving Little Doggie act complete with moans and whimpers, for everyone he meets.  We were afraid he had met with something he couldn’t handle this time.  Andrew had looked everywhere, contacted Animal Control, and asked everyone he could think of.  No Spanky.

It turned out that someone at the roping had thought he was a stray, and taken him home.  He’d been in Tehachapi.  No wonder Andrew couldn’t find him.

Anyway, he’s home now, and has a nice new collar and tags.  He seems to be hanging his head in shame, but we know better.  It probably won’t take him long to get rid of that collar.


So if anyone sees a black-and-white Border Collie up a tree — he belongs here!


Posted June 6, 2014 by stablewoman in Dogs, Pets

2 responses to “Bad Dog, Spanky!

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  1. Doesn’t Andrew have him chipped?

    • No, but maybe he’ll do it now! On the other hand, someone who would take home a stray who was obviously well fed probably wouldn’t check for a chip, either.

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