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I’ve decided to ride my half-breed Australian saddle for a while.  It fits Kitty better than my Western saddle does, so I don’t have to use a thick saddle pad.  Besides, it’s an attractive saddle.  It hasn’t much decoration — none, in fact — but it has very graceful lines.  I’ve written about it before; it’s a half-breed because it has Western rigging.  My hands aren’t strong enough any more to do up the buckles in a full Aussie.


Here we are, out on the road.


There was a lot of activity on the Preserve today.  We passed several vehicles, and saw a couple of workers.  That white dot in the distance is someone working at the nursery.


Soon, much to Peaches’ joy, we dropped down to the river.  It’s very low, but still swim-a-dog deep.


She swam every time the trail dropped close enough to the river.


Little Xena, that ladylike Border Collie, was content to trot along in front of the horse for the most part.


The floating plants on the water are, I believe, buttercups.  They are all starred with yellow flowers, but for some reason the yellow doesn’t show up well in these iPhone pictures.

An egret was flapping along ahead of us, irritated at the intrusion.  It looked so beautiful flying, but all I managed to capture was one wing.


And here’s Kitty, home again, enjoying a well-deserved treat.  She also got a bath, which she didn’t enjoy quite so much.


We may get one more ride in before the heat wave sets in.  One site is predicting 109 for Sunday and Monday.  We sure hope they’re wrong, but then, it’s Bakersfield . . .

It feels like it’s time for a different theme.  Something in cool blue, for the hot weather!


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