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This morning, there was a trail cleanup on Panorama Vista Preserve.  Some of the trails have gotten pretty overgrown, and there’s always trash to pick up.

There wasn’t a heavy turn-out — perhaps six or eight people — but they were workers.  Some came armed with pruners or loppers.



Some of the problems, though, really needed chainsaws.


It was a beautiful, if warm, morning.  The elderberry trees were already heavy with berries.


What a great tree (or bush) the elderberry is.  Nearly indestructible, easily propagated, beautiful — and edible!

There had been a homeless camp at this spot.  I had to admit it looked cozy — after the trash was removed.


Here’s another spot that needed a chainsaw.


Here’s Mary B., who planned this event, checking on the crews.



The Panorama bluffs are in the background, after which the preserve is named.  You do get a wonderful vista from the bike trail at the top of the bluffs.

I only stayed for an hour, after which I took my plump 71-year-old body home.  But I’ll come back for the next one.  It’s well worth doing, and those of us who use these trails should really get out there.  We are very lucky to have the preserve.  For years we dreaded having our trails built over, and now they are safe.  We horseback riders should help to keep them clean and clear.


Posted May 31, 2014 by stablewoman in Events, Kern River

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