Thunder from the Blue   1 comment

I knew there was a B-29 at the airport, in town for Memorial day, so when we heard a deep-throated roar overhead, we knew what it was.  Nothing modern sounds like that.

It made a couple of passes, so I went out to watch.  Old airplanes take me right back to my childhood, when watching them was popular entertainment.  By the time I thought of my camera, it was on its last pass, and the farthest away.  I got it, but it’s not much more than a dot.


The story about it said it was the last one flying.  It was beautiful; as deadly things are so often beautiful.

It’s getting hotter, and I’ve been posting later.  The afternoon sun comes right in the computer room window.  Pretty soon I’ll move to a morning post, when it’s more comfortable for the computer — and me.

Meanwhile, here are some shots of a pastel sunset from a few days ago.  It ended up pastel, anyway.  It started looking as though it might decide to be a storm.






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  1. I am so glad you got a picture of this! I was riding when i saw it and wished I could have taken a pic!

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