Remembering the Fire   Leave a comment

I realized a day or two ago that it had been over a year since the river bottom burned.

It was the combination of drought, high winds, and a loose firebug that led to the fire that nearly cost us our house, and cost everyone the beauty of the river.  When I went back and looked at the pictures from the beginning of last May, I realized we’d come a long way.  The dogs and I hiked out and took some pictures — at least, I did.  They just swam.

Here is the view straight across the river just after the fire.


And here is the same view today.


Here is the way it looked downriver.


And here it is today.


For some reason, the river was shut off a few days after the fire.  Then it looked like this.



There’s more water now — and more vegetation.


One thing that hasn’t changed — dogs love to swim!


At least, most of them.

Of course, there are still problems.  The fire made an ideal place for non-native, invasive species to get a foothold.  The willows and other native plants are making a comeback, but they’ve got a lot of competition.  It helps that there’s been water in the river most of the spring.  We’re still a little surprised at that — but grateful.

The river’s not as beautiful as it was, but it will get there.  It has before.


Posted May 24, 2014 by stablewoman in Kern River

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