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I’m blogging late today, because we got an afternoon call that my blue ’01 Beetle was finally done.  The transmission went out last Monday, so it’s been over a week since I’ve had a car to drive.  I’ve been known to complain about having to do too much running around, but I find not being able to run around is not a good thing either.

The good news was that they hadn’t had to go into the transmission, so the bill was nine hundred instead of twenty-four hundred, as estimated.  We found out why when we got there, and the gentleman at the desk handed me this.


As one, David and I said, “Not rat!  Squirrel!”  If we had any rats, the squirrels probably would have eaten them by now.

So I went shopping, and the VW ran just fine.  We nearly decided to junk it.  I’m sure glad we didn’t!


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