Storm Front   1 comment

When I went out for a ride this afternoon, I noticed some pretty dramatic clouds over the mountains.




They were far away, though, so I caught Kitty and had my ride with no problems.  Then I came in and had a shower and washed my hair.

Later, Lori B. called me to tell me see had seen lightning off to the northeast.  I looked out, and the skies did look threatening.


The winds were picking up, so I went back in.  In moments, the front hit; dry, but with plenty of blowing dust.


It was no weather for doing anything with horses, so the place started clearing out.


Maybe we’ll get a real thunderstorm later.  The mountains are catching it now, for sure.  Well, it’s thunderstorm season, after all.  I’m just glad I wasn’t out on the trail when it hit.

All Automatic Transmissions, where I took the Beetle, were nice enough to wash it after they worked on it.  It looks like that was wasted effort.


Posted May 22, 2014 by stablewoman in Weather

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  1. Dramatic photos!

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