Peaches Strikes Again   4 comments

Yesterday was another interesting day.  Monday is Knittsie Chicks night, and it was my turn to provide refreshments.  I had gotten everything ready (Claim Jumper peppermint pie and gluten-free brownies.  With slathers of icing to take the curse off.) when Peaches trotted in, proudly carrying another Present for Mum.  At least it wasn’t alive — or dead — this time.  It was a rather slobbery pair of glasses.  I shot out of the door and looked around.  There was nobody in hot pursuit.  I needed to shower and change, but I hopped in the car and started driving around, looking for the owner.  They were prescription glasses, and someone had to want them.  At least Peaches doesn’t chew the little gifts she brings in..

At last I found out that boarder Lori had been looking for her glasses, but she had already left.  By then it was nearly time to go.  I showered, loaded up the blue Beetle, and headed up the bluffs to pick up friend Marion.

I wasn’t halfway up the hill when I realized that all was Not Right with the Beetle.  It’s a 2001 model, but has barely fifty thousand miles on it, and has never given a bit of trouble.  But it seemed to be laboring, and I soon realized it wasn’t shifting into high gear.  I got to Marion’s house all right, but she ended up driving me instead of vice versa.  I called Billy, and we decided to leave it at Marion’s house, and pick it up in the morning.

We picked it up this morning, and sure enough, it has a transmission problem.  It worked fine as long as I didn’t ask it for high gear, so I drove it home and to the drug store to pick up Billy’s prescription.  Tomorrow it will go to the transmission specialist.  I sure hope it can be repaired for a reasonable price, as I don’t want to look for a new one.

I had a load of toilet paper and paper towels in the back seat to restock the bathrooms, and when we got there to pick it up, it was all gone.  I never lock it here, and didn’t think to do it there.  Someone came along in the night, though, and decided they needed a lot of bathroom supplies.  It’s funny; we have all kinds of transients wandering through here by the river and have never lost a thing out of the car.  One night in a very nice neighborhood, and it was plundered.

I tell a lie; someone did steal the flowers out of the Beetle’s bud vase once.  They left the change in the cup holder, though.

And Lori picked up her glasses today.  She had spent three hours looking for them . . .

She should have known to check on Peaches.

Here is our furry kleptomaniac, in search of prey.




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4 responses to “Peaches Strikes Again

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  1. Didn’t your purse come up missing one time when you accidentally left it in the Beetle?

    • It went missing, but we were never sure if it was from the Beetle or the house. I kind of thought the house.

  2. You live a very exciting life, indeed.

  3. Peaches sure is full of mischief.

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