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Well, that squirrel that’s been peeking through the dog door finally got up the nerve to come in.  I was in the back when I heard Billy bellow, “There’s a squirrel in here!”  I dashed out to the living room to discover that, sure enough, there was a squirrel in the house.  At that moment, it was on the windowsill behind my chair.  I grabbed the broom and started trying to shoo it out.  Billy called for me to open all of the doors, which I did.  The panicked critter dashed under my chair; I poked it out.  It headed down the hall but I had forgotten to open the garage door,  so it whirled and made for the kitchen.  It ran behind the refrigerator.  I poked it out again, and it ended up in the lazy Susan where we keep our canned goods.  Because it’s a circular Susan in a square corner, there’s a space behind it just right for a squirrel.  There it stayed, refusing to come out even when I spun the Susan.  It was chirking at the top of its lungs, as regularly as a clock ticking.  Maybe it was an alarm call, but it sounded a lot like squirrel cussing.  It was hollering so loud that all of the cans were vibrating on the shelf.

The dogs were no help.  Xena took one look at that flailing broom and headed for the hills.  Peaches kept darting in to sniff, but then blundered around wagging her tail.  We needed help, so Billy headed out to find a squirrel-herder.  It took a long time.  There was no one around — unusual for here, but of course it would happen when we had a problem.  Finally he found helper Frank, and they headed back.

I had been sitting down puffing, every once in a while getting up to rattle the lazy Susan and be sure the problem was still back there.  The enraged chirks told me that it was.  When Frank got there, he got it out, but it fled for the refrigerator again.  I prodded it out with the broom handle, and it once more headed for the living room window.  Then it spotted the open door, flew through the air about six feet (it could have been part flying squirrel) and zoomed through the door.

It was last seen headed for the river at about Squirrel Warp Ten.  I don’t think it will be back, but just in case we’re leaving the insert in the dog door most of the time.  I’ll just have to get up and let them in or out.

A long time ago, I read Watership Down.  This story of a society of talking rabbits was really popular years ago.  At one point, the rabbit Hazel forges an alliance with the seagull Kehaar.  (It was a good story — I remember those names though I haven’t read it in years.)  I was thinking that squirrels are a lot smarter than rabbits, and scrub jays are a lot smarter than gulls.  If our critters ever got together, we’d all be in big trouble.

Today was a lot more peaceful.  Sarah and I, Aggie and Kitty, went for a ride this afternoon.  Here we are getting ready . . .


The weather was perfect, and so was the ride.  There were a lot of people out there, riders, walkers, and bicycle riders.  Everyone was taking advantage of the weather while it lasts.  They’re predicting our first hundred-degree day next week!


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  1. Exciting Times!! Maybe this is the same plucky squirrel who had the run in with the snake. It seeks adventure in the wide world.

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