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Ground squirrels seem to be showing up in my blog a lot lately — possibly because there’s a lot of them.  Anyway, here’s yet another squirrel story.

I was peacefully reading the paper in my recliner yesterday, when Peaches, aglow with pride, popped through the doggie door with a Present.  She had a baby ground squirrel, and she was determined to lay it in my lap.  The trouble (other than the obvious) was that I was pretty sure it was a live baby ground squirrel.

With visions of a fatally injured squirrel taking refuge under the sofa, or in my lap, I jumped up and headed for the door.  I opened it wide and tried to coax Peaches outside.  She stood in the middle of the living room with a “Don’t you want this lovely Present I brought you?” expression on her face and didn’t move.

Bit by bit I wheedled her closer to the door.  At some point, though, the little squirrel wiggled loose and headed for freedom.  Unfortunately, it headed for the wrong side of the door and hit the wall with a tiny but audible thump.  Trapped but game, it whirled and managed to scrabble under the door and bolt for cover.   It couldn’t have been too badly injured (Peaches has a soft retriever mouth) because it was moving.

Peaches gave me a disappointed look and went out to sniff hopefully among the flower pots.  She never found it, though.

She’s brought me shoes, balls, brushes, a wallet, dead squirrel parts, and now a live squirrel.  I wonder what’s next?

In other news, it was a pretty sunset last night.  Here’s its picture.




Posted May 4, 2014 by stablewoman in Dogs, Stories

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