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The river was down a bit the last time I visited it, but it’s still there.  And no, it’s not really yellow; but there’s quite a bit of monkeyflower blooming there, and that makes for a lot of yellow reflections.  See?


It shows up more zoomed in.


Here’s what the monkeyflower — the most common riverside wildflower — looks like up close.


It’s a very pretty, snapdragon-like flower.  But it doesn’t look monkeylike to me.

A little excitement last night — boarder Danielle called to say that she thought they had seen a rattlesnake down by the tunnel.  It seemed unlikely; I’ve never seen one here, nor has anyone else.  Still, I jumped in the Beetle and went down to look.  Danielle pointed into a little gully to one side of the road, choked with gourd vines.  Eventually I saw a flurry of movement — a squirrel leaping back and forth.  Then a snake’s head appeared, making repeated strikes at the squirrel, which was ducking and dodging, but fighting back.  It was dusk, and the vines made it hard to see, but the head of the snake appeared to be wider than that of a gopher snake; more like that of a rattler.

I went and got Billy, and he found Scott, who went down into the vines and poked around with a shovel.  Carefully.  The squirrel had darted into a hole as he approached, so it survived the encounter.  But there was no sign of the snake.  We’ll keep an eye out, but no one is sure (especially me) whether it was a rattler.

You know . . . we have entirely too many ground squirrels, but you have to give them credit.  Smart — see the previous entry — and gutsy!  I wonder if it was defending a nest and babies . . .



Posted May 2, 2014 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch

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