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Those ground squirrels are a pain in the neck, but you have to admire them.  Yesterday I looked out of the window to see a squirrel’s head poking out of the garbage can.  A metal garbage can, sitting nowhere near any bushes or anything it could have jumped from.  I thought there might be a hole in the bottom, but no, there isn’t.  How did it do that?

Then today, I walked past the front of the garage and noted a strand of string across the walk.  Taking a closer look, I realized it wasn’t string, but yarn that I had stored in the garage.  (Luckily, not expensive yarn.)  It was pulled under the garage door, and stretched to a squirrel hole under the concrete.  Obviously a squirrel had decided that it had discovered a bonanza of nice soft nesting material — but how did it get it under the door?  There’s about half an inch of clearance.


While interesting, the above is not a pretty picture.  Here’s some Wal-Mart petunias I bought today to make up for it.


Yellow and lilac petunias, and blue lobelia; a good combination.


I’m just glad squirrels don’t like petunias.


Posted April 30, 2014 by stablewoman in Flowers

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