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It’s the best time of year to go out on the patio with my camera.  All the pots are abloom.  Here’s a sampling . . .

The cactus, hardly eight inches across, is still producing.  Here’s a bloom from a little distance . . .


And here’s the same bloom up close.


The little Canon point-and-shoot does a good job with close-ups.  First, a peach daylily . . .


And here, its close-up.


These yellow petunias bloom all summer long.


The miniature roses, too, are in bloom.  There’s a white one . . .whitemini

And a gold.


But of the pictures I got today, I think I like this mini-rose bud best of all.


I stayed busy today, getting Bella up and working her — Sarah climbed on and off a few times — and cleaning up a very old horse who needed it badly.  I curried until I couldn’t hold my arms up any more, and still had plenty of hair left to work on.  I’ll get back to him in a day or two.  I think he would have enjoyed it, except we were both dodging the season’s first horsefly.

It’s not only flowers that come out in the spring.


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