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. . . but usually it doesn’t.  Yesterday, though, it rained from the afternoon on into the night.  According to the news this morning, we got about .36.  Not bad for late April, around here.

The only problem was that we had a bunch of people riding this weekend.  Twenty or so left Friday, to different destinations.  Montana de Oro, Cuyama, Springville — all over.  I hope they all stayed dry last night.  At least it was great riding weather today.

There were still a lot of clouds around this morning.  There were even some puddles.  Not many, because it was so dry they soaked in almost immediately.


It’s been chilly all day, and hasn’t made 60 yet at 3:30.  There haven’t been many riders around — well, many of them are gone — and those that were here tended to leave early.  Tomorrow, though, should be beautiful.

And my first daylily of the year bloomed.  Unfortunately, something ate half of it before I even got a picture of it.


That left it looking rather odd.

Oh, well — more to come!


Posted April 26, 2014 by stablewoman in Flowers, Weather

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