The Waterline Break   Leave a comment

I was planning on a nice ride, or playing with the ponies, but that was out when an eagle-eyed boarder came to the door.  Did we know there was a big puddle under our water tank?  No, we did not; but it was soon apparent that we had a leak in the main line running to the house.  A big leak.  There was much running around.  A hose was run to the house for temporary water, David was dispatched to buy repair materials, and Scott brought the backhoe over.  (We couldn’t survive without that backhoe.)  When the line was dug out, the problem proved to be a large root that had finally moved the pipe enough to split it.  It didn’t take long for our trusty crew to get it fixed.

If you look closely here, you can see the root just below the join.  Son Scott is surveying his work.  The hairy one on the right is not part of the crew.  Though she wanted to be.


Here David and Scott are just waiting for the glue to set enough to let them fill in the hole.  Their hairy helper is still on the job — getting in the way.


The hole is all filled in now, and there is no sign of a problem.  But with many of our lines over forty years old, it won’t be the last!



Posted April 25, 2014 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch

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