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I’ve been riding Kitty so much that Bella and Kody, the ponies, haven’t gotten much attention.  So today I decided to get Bella up, give her a good grooming and a run in the round pen, then take her for a walk by the river.

We went downstream a little way, but stayed in the burn area.  I wonder if it would look better if we’d gotten more rain.  The trees are doing well, with the river up, but the areas that should be grassy have a hard crust.


Of course the dogs joined us, including the big pointer Skip.  Bella kept an eye on them — especially Skip.


And also of course, Peaches had to take a swim.


More than one, in fact.


Bella watched her climb out, but said she had no desire to join her.  Neither did the other dogs; I guess because it’s still pretty cool today.


It’s always fun to take Bella on walks.  She really seems to enjoy herself, and picks her way gracefully through the downed trees and burned brush.  I think I’ll work with her again tomorrow — unless I ride!


Posted April 23, 2014 by stablewoman in Bella, Horses, Kern River

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