Ridin’ on the River   1 comment

Marion and I went out this morning, and this time she was taking the pictures.  She always gets good ones, and she got some beauties.

Well, Kitty’s a beauty, anyway.


We rode through the Panorama Vista Plantings.  As Marion commented, they’re ready to be called a woodland now.


Peaches found a most unusual grove.  She had to be persuaded they weren’t edible just because they were in a milk carton.


Then Xena and Peaches found a native dwelling . . . at least that’s what the kids who come to the preserve will see.  They decided they didn’t want to live there.  No dog beds.


The river is up, and very beautiful.


Here’s Peaches, attempting to drink it all up.  It seems that she could; look at the size of that tongue.


Forty shades of green . . . and counting.


The trail home.


The elderberries are covered in bloom.  The birds will be eating well soon.

It was a perfect day and a perfect ride.  Thank you, Marion!



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  1. Andy Honig told me those milk cartons are protecting narrow leaf milkweed. Perhaps we will get some monarchs?

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