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Kitty and I went for a ride all by ourselves today.  The dogs were down “helping” to clean pens, and didn’t see us go out.  It was a short ride, but I did snap some pictures.

We didn’t cross the river, but I did go down to see how high the water was.  Not very.


That’s not a flag down by the water, but a plastic bag.  I’ll have to get down there and remove it.

Then we went out onto the Panorama Vista Preserve, to check on their plantings.


On down the road . . . Kitty flicked an ear here.  That’s good; sometimes I wonder if it looks as though I’m rolling a stuffed hobbyhorse ahead of me instead of a real live Kitty.


We turned back beside this grove; one of the earliest plantings.  It’s looking healthy.


Then we came back along the river trails.


I enjoy taking these pictures, hoping it will show something of what it’s like to ride along the river.  The only trouble is carrying the camera.  I just stuff it in my pocket, but then I can’t trot for fear of trotting it right out of my pocket.  A belt case would be good — if I wore a belt.  I guess I’ll go to see what the iPhone store can offer.



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