Horror in the Clothes Basket   Leave a comment

There was a creature from a horror movie in my clothes basket today.  See?


Actually, it doesn’t look as scary from a distance.


This is a sun spider, aka wind scorpion, aka camel spider . . . aka, lots of other names.  They are not spiders, but more closely related to scorpions.  I’ve pictured one before, when the big fuss was on about them.  A picture from Iraq used false perspective to make them look as big as a man’s forearm.  The above shows a more realistic size.  I think there was a horror movie made about them, about on a par with Sharknado for realism.

They do get pretty big, though, some species reaching as much as three inches in body length.  I don’t think our locals get that big.  This one is about as large as I’ve seen, mostly scuttling around our bathroom.  I don’t object too much, though, as termites are on their menu, along with other undesirable bugs.

In Iraq, they were supposed to creep into soldiers’ tens at night, inject them with their venom, and chew large chunks out of the men’s flesh while they were unconscious.  This would be a good trick, as they haven’t any venom.  Look at the back end.  No sting.  They do have big scary-looking jaws, and the big ones can give you a nasty pinch if cornered.

I showed this one to granddaughter Sarah, and then turned it loose outside, near a squirrel hole.  I wish they were as vicious as their reputation; they could eat up the ground squirrels.


Posted April 12, 2014 by stablewoman in Nature

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