Taxes, Taxes, Taxes   2 comments

They’re about done.  We put them in their envelopes this afternoon, but didn’t seal them up.  Billy wants to look at them one more time before we mail them off.

Billy always does our taxes himself, with a little help from me.  I found two minor mistakes for him, and was proud.  But getting them done has taken up most of our time for the last few days, and I’ve gotten outside very little.  So today, here are a few wildflower pictures from past years, just for pretty.

These are from a drive Marion and I took four years ago.  Most of the wildflower trips put on by the Native Plant Society have been cancelled for this year.  There just aren’t many flowers out there.  I’m consoling myself by looking at these old pictures.  I’d love to see a field of fiddleneck . . .


Poppies, of course . . .


Lupine . . .


Owl’s clover . . .


Fiddleneck again, close up.  There’s always more of it than anything else . . .


Even when there aren’t any wildflowers in view, the textures of grass and brush around an old buckeye tree are just as lovely . . .


And when you’re all done, there’s the road home.


Maybe next year, we’ll get those trips in!


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2 responses to “Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

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  1. You are a remarkable photographer, and I steal some occasionally–I did these–and post them on Facebook just so I can brag about you. Loves from Little Bro.

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