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Yesterday was cool and gray, and I did little but stay inside, knit, and read.  Nothing worth recording.  Today, though, was beautiful; and Xena, Peaches, Kitty and I all went for a ride.

At least, I rode.

Down the trail we went . . .


The sycamores are all leafed out.  They’re our largest and handsomest trees.


The Preserve is full of little side trails that look inviting, like this one.


It was worth the detour, especially to the dogs.


On down the trail we went.  Xena is trotting ahead of me, nearly invisible in the shade.


It was a great ride, and there were no disasters, except for Peaches getting her tail full of burrs.  I’ll be a while getting those out.  Xena met a (rather scruffy) coyote, but they looked at each other and agreed to hurry in opposite directions.  Thank goodness.

It’s about as green as it’s going to get this year, which is not very, but the water in the river makes it a lot more pleasant.  We’re planning on a lot more rides this spring.

At least I am.


Posted April 6, 2014 by stablewoman in Horses, Kern River

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