The Killdeer Challenge   1 comment

Marion stopped this morning to tell me that there were a batch of baby killdeer running around on the riverbank.  I went dashing down there, hoping to catch a shot of the World’s Second Cutest Birdie.  (I think baby quail are first.)

When I got there, tiny little killdeer were running in all directions.  Mama and Papa were pacing around calling; I think they were telling them to scatter and hide.  They were doing very well on the scatter part.  It was really hard to get one of them in the view finder; not only are they fast, but the sun was making it hard to see what you had in front of the lens.  And they never, never stopped running.  By the time I had one in focus, he was long gone.

Here’s my first shot.  See the baby killdeer?


If you don’t, that’s because there isn’t one.  He just left.

I tried again . . .


This time he’s really there; nearly in the center and just below the water.  I cropped the picture and enlarged.  See him now?


The only reason I caught him was that he tripped over a tiny little twig, and was stuck for a moment upside down, with his little legs waving and his fuzzy butt in the air.  By the time he made it up, I had him.  The next moment he was in perpetual motion again.

I wanted to get more pictures, but I didn’t want to stress the chicks or their parents too much.  Maybe another day.

Spring is such fun!


Posted April 4, 2014 by stablewoman in Birds, Nature

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  1. Roberta, Elizabeth here…you should do a nature “can you spot the baby” book! I could not spot the baby. I got the last one. It was fun!

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