The River in April   Leave a comment

The dogs and I have spent quite a bit of time down at the river lately — in the dogs’ case, actually in the river.  It’s amazing how much wake a couple of dogs can kick up.  It’s like the Titanic churning up the river, instead of doggie paws.

doggiewakeThe killdeer (killdeers?) are back for the spring, and one was watching us curiously.


He seemed very interested in the peculiar goings-on, and not particularly frightened.  There was a mate calling from the bank; he (or she) was probably checking to see if we were harmless.


I assured him that we were.  I hope we can see some babies later on.

We went back to the river this morning.  If you look across the river, you can see some heavy equipment almost hidden in the bushes.


They are boring; not as in dull, but as in drilling.  They are taking core samples in preparation for retrofitting the bridge against earthquakes.  The actual work, they said, probably won’t start for another year or so.  We’ll hope we don’t get any major quakes before then!


Posted April 3, 2014 by stablewoman in Birds, Kern River, Nature

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