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Boarders Dave and Kelly have been working with their perlino colt Cisco, with the goal of making a good driving horse.  They’re doing well with him, taking their time and letting him master one thing before going on to another.  They’ve been getting him used to the training cart, and he’s accepting it nicely.  When it came to the actual pulling, though, he was having problems with the pressure of the collar.  They decided to put him in a breast-collar type harness, and go back a step to get him used to pulling a very light load with his chest.  When they drove through today, he was doing very well.


Cisco is a very handsome young gelding, with excellent conformation to go with his striking cream color.  He’ll be a flashy driving horse, with a great disposition.

Notice the puddle behind him.  It rained last night — three whole tenths of an inch!  I heard it late last night and staggered out to the living room to look and listen.  It’s a beautiful sound.  And it’s supposed to do it again Tuesday.  It may be too late for the grass and wildflowers to get much growth before the heat sets in, but we hope it’s a good sign for next year.


Posted March 30, 2014 by stablewoman in Horses

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  1. Roberta, the bluffs are turning green, so there is still some hope. 🙂

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