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The river is up a little, from what it has been.  We’re a bit puzzled, but grateful.  It’s really helped with the regrowth.  The willows that are sprouting from the roots of old burned trees are doing splendidly.


Those that sprouted on their own — not so much.

Peaches and Xena went down to the river with me to protect me from Alligators.  They thought they might have found one . . .


. . . but when I threw a twig out into the water, hoping to see which way the current was flowing, they were sure of it.  They charged to the attack.


No alligator.  The pesky thing must have been scared away, so they returned triumphant.


Eventually the water cleared enough for me to get a shot of some sparkles.


The river isn’t all fun and games.  A couple of days ago, a horse drowned upriver from us.  Some people had trailered in to ride along the river, and when they decided to cross, they hit a hole.  The horse floundered in panic, and drowned.  Scott went up and pulled it out with the backhoe.  It was very sad.

The only good thing is that it might remind people that the Killer Kern always deserves respect.  There are safe places to cross; you will see the horse tracks on both sides.  Some people put a tiedown on their horses to keep their heads down and out of their faces.  A horse cannot swim in a tiedown.  They have to be able to get their heads up and their nostrils out of the water!  They do not swim like a pool toy, with half their bodies out of the water.  They swim mostly submerged, with their head flat on the water.  The moral . . . avoid tiedowns on the trail, and never, never get into the water with one on your horse.  I don’t know if the horse that drowned was wearing a tiedown or not, but I never miss an opportunity to remind people.

You never know when you might hit a hole.

Incidentally, we know of three fatal horse accidents in the past couple of months — fatal to the horse, that is — and all three involved borrowed horses.  There might be a moral there, too.


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