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I don’t often miss more than one day blogging, unless there is an emergency (like Billy’s broken arm).  I was just about to sit down and write yesterday, when I realized the electricity was off.  I had come in from a flower-buying trip with Lori B. a few minutes earlier, and we had noticed a lot of emergency vehicles on the corner of Roberts and Chester.  We thought it might have something to do with it, and we were right.  I caught David and he set off to turn on the auxiliary pump, so we would have water.

But it was off, too.  That had never happened before; they are on totally separate lines.  Now we were beginning to panic; no water at all.  Luckily, the power came back on after about an hour.  It turned out there had been two problems at exactly the same time.  There was a downed line to the north of us, as well as the wreck we saw, in which a pickup had hit a power pole.  What are the odds?  Anyway, I completely forgot about blogging.

So here is the post I planned.  Boarder Brandi is starting a little roan gelding called Strawberry.  He’s a cute little guy, but has a bit of a stubborn streak.  She’s proceeding slowly and carefully with him.

Here they are, taking each other’s measure.



After a little ground work, she got on, and he walked off without a problem.


There’s a long way to go yet, of course.  Since  Daylight Savings started, she’ll have more time to work with him.  It’ll be interesting to see how he goes.  She’s started several colts here, and they’ve turned out well.

Oh — and we were glad to hear on the news that no one was seriously hurt in that crash.  It was practically next door to the fire station, so they certainly got a quick reaction!


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