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Yesterday morning we had a spectacular sunrise.  People all over the county dashed out to get it on camera.  I got out, made it to the living room, and wondered why everything looked rosy.  When I figured it out, I grabbed the camera, galloped out barefoot in my nightgown, and started snapping pictures.  When I took this shot, it was already well past its best, so you can imagine how gorgeous it was.


The burned-out willows down in the river are beginning to show a bit of new spring growth.  I’m not sure they would have made it if not for the water that has been turned into the river.


Marion and I rode out this morning, and I realized that water is being turned into the river from above as well as below.  There’s quite a bit of it.  It was more than hock high when we forded it this morning.  We rode up to the weirs, and that’s as far as I’ve been in quite a while.  It’s the farthest Peaches has ever been.  She and Xena enjoyed every bit of it, but they’re both sound asleep at my feet as I write.

Next ride, I’ll try to get some pictures.  I haven’t gotten any from the north bank of the river yet, and it seems considerably greener than the south bank.  Still, it was a beautiful ride on both sides.


Posted March 10, 2014 by stablewoman in Kern River, Riding, Weather

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