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I got on Kitty yesterday and just meandered around the ranch, watching all of the activity and enjoying the day.  I noticed a couple of definite signs that spring is here.

Here’s one;  many of the tack rooms are acquiring flowers — in this case, a nice pot of freesias.


It’s not a good close up shot, because I was pretty sure that the flowers would not survive if Kitty got too near them.

A little farther on, we came to an even surer sign of spring — at least around here.


There are little drifts of horsehair all over the ranch, wherever someone’s been grooming.  It makes the birds very happy.  There’s nothing like a little horsehair for nesting.

Kitty wasn’t much interested in it, so it’s a closer shot.

There are flower pots and even flower beds, as well as tiny lawns, all over the place.  It’s fun to see how people beautify their personal space.  Although it can lead to problems — for instance, if I had let Kitty eat the freesias.  Mostly, though, everyone just enjoys the beauties of spring.


Posted March 8, 2014 by stablewoman in Flowers, Horses

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