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I’ve said it before; the best views are always those seen between a horse’s ears.  In our semi-desert climate, we may not have beautiful green vistas or rugged peaks, but we really appreciate what we have.  Even when, as this year, even our green places are not so very green.  I enjoyed the view between Kitty’s ears when Sarah and I went for a short ride yesterday.


Panorama Vista Preserve is a great place to ride, because there are little paths winding through the brush and down along the river.  In a wet year, those paths would be underwater; this year they’re high and dry.

Kitty’s ears are always forward when we go down the trail.  In some horses, this would mean they were nervous, and thinking about spooking if anything rustles in the brush.  Kitty is alert, but relaxed.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t be taking pictures; note the shadow.

There’s a little green grass in the shaded spots, but in a good year it would be ankle-deep and full of baby bunnies.  We only saw a couple of jackrabbits.  The financial channel today was talking about an El Nino for next year.  They were full of gloomy prophecies, but we’re hoping they’re right!

Sarah and Aggie (not to mention Peaches and Xena) are great riding companions.  I hope we can get more rides in soon.


Posted March 7, 2014 by stablewoman in Horses, Riding

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