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I’m posting late today, because I went out on an afternoon ride.  Tomorrow I’ll have a couple of between-the-ears shots — the best kind.

No post yesterday, because I went out for lunch with friends Marion, Sasha, and Peggy, and spent the rest of the afternoon in a doze.  The Guild House does such good food!

The day before, though, the dogs and I went down to the river, and spotted a couple of mallard ducks.  They’re the first this year that I’ve been close enough to get a picture.  They weren’t paying much attention to us . . .



At least the male wasn’t.  The female was watching us, but he was busy preening.


Typical male behavior, of course!

Last night I hurried out to get a sunset shot.  I could see what I think is called a sun pillar — a beam of light that seems to shoot straight up from the setting sun.  By the time I got out there and got focused, it wasn’t as distinct as it had been.


If you have never heard of a sun pillar, or sundogs, or a moonbow, or a glory, I highly recommend the site call Atmospheric Optics.  They have pictures of all of those and more.  Some of the photos are truly astonishing!



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