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I stopped yesterday to take pictures of a blossoming tree at Teen Challenge, beside our driveway.  The predictions for the next few days included possible high winds and  dust, so I wanted to catch the flowers before they blew away.

They were worth a stop.  With the little church as a backdrop . . .


blossom2Or the blue, blue sky . . .



They were beautiful either way.  But I like them best of all, close up.


So far, we’ve only gotten a sprinkle of our “over an inch” predictions.  That was enough, though, to put a car over the bank.  We got a call from the other side to tell us that a car had come off the road and come to rest by our fence.  Luckily, it had stayed upright and the lady driving it wasn’t hurt.  She was, naturally, considerably shaken.

That probably won’t be the only wreck today.  The streets would have been treacherous, with months of oil and dirt buildup.  It’s not likely that everyone in town would realize that, and drive more cautiously.  After all, they never do.


Posted February 27, 2014 by stablewoman in Flowers

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