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Actually, spring is here, at least in Kern County.  The trees are blooming or leafing out, the air is warm (78), and the horses are beginning to shed.

Sarah decided it was a bit too warm to ride, and gave Aggie a nice bath.  She got rid of a lot of hair.  Aggie’s, not hers.


As usually happens in these cases, she got almost as wet as Aggie.

I thought about riding this afternoon, but if it was too hot for Sarah, it was certainly too hot for me.  These warm spring days seem warmer than they really are, perhaps because we’re not used to them.  It was balmy.

There were high clouds drifting in, though.  While we were looking at them, we noticed a column of smoke to the south.


We’re a lot more sensitive about those things than we used to be, but this was obviously quite a way to the south.  Maybe we’ll learn where and what it was on the news tonight.

Last night Billy and I were getting ready to go to bed when we saw a flame leap up out on the island.  (Up out on — too many prepositions!) Billy was about to call it in, when it flickered and went out.  It was about where we’ve noticed a big tent, and was probably a campfire that got out of hand.  They’ll probably manage to let one get away completely sooner or later, though.


Posted February 26, 2014 by stablewoman in Horses, Kern River

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