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I’ve been hoping for a good picture of a male hummingbird, so when this little guy showed up this morning I thought I might have a chance.


He just sat there and glared at me, waiting for me to Go Away so he could come up to the feeder.  But the little devil would not turn his head and show off his brilliant throat and forehead.


There’s hardly a hint of the metallic raspberry red that shows up in the right light.  His back is just fine . . . oh, well, I’ll try again tomorrow.

Xena, Peaches, Kitty, and I had a nice ride this afternoon.  It was short, though — at least for Kitty and me.  The dogs must have covered ten miles, sniffing around the bushes and chasing jackrabbits.  Fat chance, but they’re eternally hopeful.

It was perfect riding weather, but next weekend is supposed to be rainy.  They’re talking Pineapple Express, and we sure hope they’re right!  Even if we don’t get to ride.


Posted February 22, 2014 by stablewoman in Birds

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