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I’m always struck, on the clear blue days, by the silvery cottonwood boughs against the sky.  This time, I was looking for the bird’s nests from last summer that show up so clearly.  There were a lot in this tree, but they’re hard to see.  If you look very closely, you’ll see a little black and white dot in the upper right-hand branches.  Or not.


I could see that it was a bird, but I couldn’t tell what kind.  I know I’ve got a good zoom, so I . . . zoomed.


It was a scrub jay, and he (or she) was watching me.  After a while, though, he decided I was boring, puffed himself up, and went back to sleep.


I know some birders go all over the world to see rare species, but I’ll bet most of them get the same pleasure I do, just watching our backyard birds.

It’s just a little more than a month to St. Patrick’s day, so I’ve been watching some Irish music videos on YouTube, to get in the mood.  When I got to Frank Patterson singing “Lady of Knock”  I have to admit to tearing up a little.  Billy and I really enjoyed watching him on PBS.  I don’t think any other Irish tenors compare . . . unless there’s three of them.


Posted February 13, 2014 by stablewoman in Birds, Nature

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