The Return of the Hummers   1 comment

There’s a theory that you should not hang out hummingbird feeders in the winter, because the little guys will keep feeding on them and fail to migrate before the cold weather.  Well, we don’t get much cold weather, and some of our hummers don’t migrate at all.  So I leave my feeders up all year.  Most of the winter, there are only a few visitors, and the level goes down very slowly.  Recently, though, it started dropping much faster, so I was sure the migratory birds had returned.  I staked out the feeder this morning, once more hoping for good pictures.  Or at least a good picture.

It didn’t take long for a customer to arrive.


She checked me out pretty carefully.


But then she dug in.


Next time, I’ll hope for a male.  Or is that sexist?

This afternoon, Kitty and I went for a ride — or, to be accurate, Kitty, me, Xena, Peaches, and Spur.  I don’t like the dogs — or at least Peaches — to go with me for longer rides, because I always worry about pit bulls and coyotes.  The Border Collies are pretty wary, and very fast, but Peaches is neither.  Since I was going only a little way, though, I let her come along.  I wanted to see if there was still water in the south branch of the river.  I knew if there was, the dogs would take advantage of it.

There was, and the dogs had a wonderful swim.  Right now, Peaches is asleep beside me — on my computer cover.  She’s damp, sandy, and the smell of river water is wafting gently up to my nose.

It’s worth it.


Posted February 12, 2014 by stablewoman in Birds, Dogs, Nature, Riding

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  1. Beautiful! Your best hummingbird shots yet!

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