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I went to the dentist this morning (just for a checkup) and on the way home, I noticed there was water in the river.  Wow!  I hurried home and rounded up Xena and Peaches, and hustled them down to the water.  Which wasn’t there.

I found it, though, after a pretty good slog through the sand.  The trouble was that it was flowing upriver instead of down.


This might be unusual in other places, but here it just meant that they were turning water into the river from the canal downstream.  This is often done when the canal is cleaned or dredged in the winter.

The dogs, of course, were enthusiastic.  “Come on!  Hurry up!  It’s wet!”  It’s easy to translate Dog Language in situations like this.


This was Peaches’ very first encounter with water deep enough to swim in.  She was ecstatic.


Xena loved it too, but not quite as passionately.  Notice the steep bank in the background; they came galloping down it and launched themselves full speed.  I wasn’t quite quick enough to capture the splash.


Peaches knew exactly what a Golden Retriever was supposed to do with water.  Paddle in it with your front paws and watch the droplets . . .


Shake it all over the place . . .


And sit in it.


The water won’t be there long, but they’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of it while it is.

And the house will smell of wet dog for days.


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  1. Great shots of great fun.

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