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Granddaughter Sarah was out early this morning, exercising and grooming her filly Aggie.  There’s a buyer coming to look at her tomorrow.

Sarah and Aggie have had quite a journey together.  Last year they hit the show circuit, and did outstandingly well.  They finished up winning a little money at the Snaffle Bit Futurity, which is as good as it gets in the Reined Cow Horse world.  Aggie is a remarkable little horse, and Sarah has done an equally remarkable job with her.  Whether they’re making the dirt fly in the show ring . . .


. . . or sharing a quiet moment back in the stall . . .


. . . Sarah and Aggie have been a team.

Aggie has a remarkable temperament.  She puts up with Peaches’ determined effort to lead her — or at least make off with the lead rope.  Hard when it’s connected to a horse.


When Kitty and I went out with Sarah and Aggie, she crossed water for the first time as bravely as ever a young horse has done it.  (Of course, she did hop up and down a bit afterwards; no doubt celebrating.)  There are many trained horses who flatly refuse the first time they are faced with a puddle, let alone a knee-deep river crossing.

A few days ago, Aggie and Sarah gave a lesson to a young rider, and Aggie listened as carefully to his unpracticed cues as she would to an old hand.  There are not many young show horses who would.

In short, she is a jewel, and I know that if she sells, her new owner will appreciate her.  Otherwise, knowing Sarah, Aggie will stay right here.

Of course, Sarah is a jewel, too.


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