The Eagle Has Landed   1 comment

Well, not quite.  Donna F. caught this dramatic picture of a golden eagle stooping at a ground squirrel a couple of days ago.


It was an eagle, not a big redtailed hawk.  It’s not often we see one down here in the valley, but every once in a while one shows up.  It’s usually after a big windstorm like the one we just had.

Donna’s gotten some great pictures around here.  I love this one of her horse Zena (not to be confused with my dog Xena) and Peaches.


Peaches was perfectly OK with Zena nibbling her ear.  Maybe she was dreaming that it was a tall dark handsome stranger . . . perhaps a chocolate Lab.

Billy continues to improve.  He’s abandoned his sling, and can do most (but not all) of the things he usually does.  I was even able to get out and ride a little this afternoon.  Here’s the proof . . .


We didn’t go for very long, or very far, but it was nice to be back in the saddle!


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  1. Peaches is so darned cute. 🙂

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