Lap Full of Fur   2 comments

Peaches seems a little insecure since all of the disturbances in the household.  You can tell because she has once more decided that she is a lapdog.  This amorphous blob of fur represents one large Golden draped over one only fair-sized lap.


Her head is hanging over the side off to the left.  In the remote distance, you can see my toes and even Billy’s sock feet.

I have to say that she makes a nice warm blanket, and isn’t all that heavy.  Now, if she just didn’t smell a bit fishy from playing in the horse troughs . . .

We’re all continuing to improve, though this is a really persistent bug.  I made it to the grocery store today . . . Barnes and Noble is beginning to feel possible!


Posted January 7, 2014 by stablewoman in Uncategorized

2 responses to “Lap Full of Fur

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  1. Can Cider come sit on my lap tonight? Brrr!!!

  2. Mine are never content with the lap…they push off me, swim onto their back, and start pushing me to the edge of the couch or bed with their feet. Really makes me feel loved, right? Hoping Barnes and Noble becomes a reality soon! If I didn’t audio book and subscribe through Audible, I’d lose my mind being locked in the house…I used to live at the bookstore too!

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