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I got an e-mail from sister Sally in St. Louis.  It’s colder back there than a Californian (and Sally is, of course, a transplanted Californian) can possibly imagine.  It’s snowing back there right now . . .


. . . but that’s not the real concern.  Sally says . . .

“It’s 16 right now, but it’s going down to -9 tonight.  With the windchill factor, it’ll feel like -29.  The worst part is that it won’t really warm up tomorrow.  The girls don’t go back to school until Tuesday, so that’s good.  Rick, unfortunately, does have to go to work.  He just told me he’ll go in later in the morning.  I looked at the hour-by-hour forecast and I told him it won’t make any difference.  It won’t ever feel any warmer than -21 all day”

Wow.  At least they hit the grocery store and are well supplied, and plan to keep their fire going for the next few days.

And the last time I looked, it was 70.6 here.  But I still think drought is worse than cold . . . except, as I said, we can’t really imagine that kind of cold!


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