Adding Insult to Injury . . .   1 comment

. . . both Billy and I are down with the nasty cold that’s been going around.  Well, he was already down; but you know what I mean.

Having a broken arm is bad enough.  Having a broken arm and coughing is worse.  He’s taking it pretty well, though, all things considered.  Son David is doing a good job of keeping the place going, and I’m managing to keep my husband comfortable.

We sit there and cough at each other, while comparing nose noises.

This is likely to be a very dull blog for a few more days, but we are both improving fast.  Apparently there is word going around that Billy is on his deathbed, but I can assure everyone that he’s a long way from it.  He’s as ornery (but loveable) as ever . . . maybe even a little more so.

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  1. Hi Roberta and Bill! Jim and I hope you both feel better soon! WE are so sorry that you are both down for the count, but you are not OUT! Roberta, you will have a lot of knitting to do and Billy will be directing from his chair! Get better soon so your furry and fuzzy children can have fun with you again! Love Elizabeth and Jim!

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