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The fact is . . . when you get to be eighty, you break a lot easier than when you were twenty.  So when Billy fell over Peaches yesterday afternoon, it was pretty obvious right away that we were in trouble.  It took a few minutes to convince him that we should call 911, but when he realized his arm was probably broken, he gave in.

The Fire Department and the ambulance arrived right away, and they got him strapped in and loaded up.  I rode along, after a slightly panicked search for medical cards and phone numbers.  (One of the nice young firefighters remembered our chimney fire year before last, and the river fire this year.  He must think we lead interesting lives.)

It took a while at the ER, with X-rays, CAT scans, and medications, but we did get to go home.  The verdict was that Billy has a partial fracture of his left humerus.  He has a sling, but no cast so far.  He is supposed to see an orthopedic specialist soon, but for now he’s home and pretty much confined to his recliner.  Everyone has been very helpful — we just got a big load of prepared food from boarder Lisa — and very worried.

There are all kinds of rumors flying around, including one that he fell off a haystack.  No — he’s not dumb enough to get off of the ground these days.  It was ending up on the ground — or at least the carpet — that was the problem.

We are discovering more and more things that are awkward to do with one hand, even if it is the right one.  He broke that arm once before, but he was quite a bit younger then.  Still, with a little help from our friends, we’re coping.

Peaches says she’s very sorry.  I remember reading somewhere that falling over a pet was a common cause of injury in the elderly.  We can testify to that.


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  1. Feel better soon, Billy! That’s great that folks are being so helpful. Spending Christmas day in the recliner–with a good dose of painkillers and some delicious food–sounds just right.

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